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Buds and a marvelous bloom appears on every live tree.

It is set by nature.

I think that every person should follow these rules of nature and bear fruit.

Shinichi Suzuki


Dear Friends!


olya295444Nowadays the name of Shinichi Suzuki is already known in Russia to a vast majority of young parents. The genius of Shinichi Suzuki is in his ability to have educated thousands of children from 3 years old to play the violin brilliantly. It is hard to believe that a 4-year-old kid can masterfully play the violin. However, Shinichi Suzuki has approved that it is possible indeed.


When my kid turned 2 years old, I noticed his interest in music (playing the violin, in particular) and decided to find a violin teacher for him. Although to find one in Moscow was not that easy. Music schools normally enroll the children from the age of 6 and above. But it is much more difficult to start to study the music at this age. As a general rule, a 6-year-old child, who is not acquainted with music, doesn’t feel it, doesn’t strain after it, and it happens that the study begins without his/her interest, but solely at the suit of his/her parents. Children often leave the school after the first few years of study, as the love to music has not been duly nurtured in them since childhood. It’s a pity to assume that at present music schools in Russia an enforcement method still prevails, and according to Shinichi Suzuki: “enforcement is the worst teaching method”.


I haven’t been able to find an experienced violin teacher who can educate little children. This has made me think that Russia needs to set up a music development system based on the method of the great professor Shinichi Suzuki.


There is a need to remark that this idea has been deeply analyzed by me.


Why do we, Russian citizens, need it, subject to we already have the great Russian music school?

Why to begin the music education so early?


I have been trying to answer these two questions all year long, searching for the replies in the most scrutinized way.


Answering the first question, I have come to a conclusion that the unique Suzuki method is more about general education of children than just playing the violin. That is why it can be easily introduced into our system of music education.


Answering the second question, I have found out that Dr Shinichi Suzuki wanted to teach children music because he believed in its “healing” and “harmonizing” influence.


“Music teaches sensuousness, sensibility, morale and perseverance”, according to him. Shinichi Suzuki didn’t aim at raising a genius. He marked: “My goal is to make not a musician out of a child, but a good, honorable man”. He dreamt of bringing up “good citizens of his country, not deprived of cordiality”.


All this is equally valid for Russia, where, as it is in any other “developed” society of consumption, there is little space for music, and the best pastime of most of the children is playing computer games, watching trite TV programmes, etc.


If you are interested, you can find more detailed answer to my second question in the section “Why so early?”


Thus, the goal of our Suzuki Association is to develop a socially meaningful system of children music education based on the Suzuki method in Russia.


We all want our children to be happy.

We want the love inborn in every child, the joy of life that fills their soul always stayed with them, in every moment of their life.

We want the insight inherent since birth, but fading away with time were kept in people. And the music is the best insight-builder.

We want the children, whose life is tackled with disease and sorrow, as there is nothing more terrifying than this, to breathe the joy of life with music; their eyes shone with the live power of music, and their hearts filled with love and happiness.

We want every child became a kind, respectable, honorable and caring man, and their life were always full of beauty.

We sincerely believe that our world can be better, if our kids are taught since childhood how to understand music, and if their souls are filled with that amazing power that can be granted only by music.


If you share our goals, please join us!

 I wish you joy and happiness!

President of the Russian Suzuki Association,

PhD, Instructor

Mrs Olga V. Sapryghina





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