If you share our goals, if you want to take part in our activities and become a sponsor of the Suzuki Association, please contact us via email or call us.

3 reasons to become a sponsor of the Suzuki Association:

1. Sponsor support of the Suzuki Association is:

* contribution to the cultural life of the country;
* promotion of the role and value of the music education in Russia;
* enhancement of moral and spiritual capabilities of the country by implementation of the music culture potential.


2. Sponsor support is also immense advertising opportunities.

We offer broad options of advertising, presentation of their brands, goods / services to our sponsors.

Inter alia, information about a sponsor (name & logo) can be displayed on/in:


* all the officially printed products of the Suzuki Association (booklets, leaflets, calendars, posters, etc.)
* advertising space of the Suzuki Association (outdoor advertising, concerts, radio, TV, etc.)
* press-release of the Suzuki Association;
* articles in print media about the Suzuki Association activity;
* the official website of the Suzuki Association.

Also, we can offer to our sponsors: invitation to concerts, competitions of the Suzuki Association with the right to establish and award gifts at the events of the Suzuki Association and much more.


Certain types of sponsor participation in the Suzuki Association activities are agreed individually (depending on the type of sponsorship).


3. Each sponsor is provided with the following documents:

* Sponsor Certificate to confirm your participation in our activities.
* Detailed Expenditure Report with indication of all cost items.
* Letter of Gratitude signed by the President of the Suzuki Association and the Chairman of the Board of Guardians.
* Testimonial Letter to confirm sponsor activities of a company of a sponsor for sponsor's partners, including international partners.





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